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Thanks - the door issue has been solved, but I am still unable to access the chests.
22 days ago

What service was this on (Minecraft server, website, Discord, or if other note)?
Minecraft Server

Exact steps taken to replicate the issue at hand?
Went to the shopping space I rented (warped there), was unable to open door to leave, unable to open chests for inventory, unable to place blocks. 
EDIT TO ADD:  Also, standing on the pressure plate will not open the door to the shop next door, I get the same error message.

What world were you in when it happened (leave blank if bug is not on the Minecraft server)?
Minecraft main server

Is there any additional information that you'd like to add?
Entering the building does give you "LH1-L1-1 is rented by drgnflywhspr." but I get the "Hey! Sorry, but you can't use that here" error message when trying to do anything.
22 days ago

Deco-crate lol - love that!

I agree with the above... It would be nice to have the elytra removed/reduced.  It is so easy to get them.. I have gotten so many already.
I feel each crate should offer something different, less overlapping of prizes.
23 days ago

The Guidebook tab, does not seem to load here - Host Error 526.
And the Map tab is no longer loading - Host Error 522.

about 1 month ago