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I have applied a patch to the server that should hopefully fix the issue.
Please open another bug report if you happen to spot the issue again.

     - Zethrus
1 day ago

Can confirm that this is an issue, looking into it and will work on a patch.
2 days ago

It appears that our reverse proxy had broke at some point over the past couple days.
I have since gone ahead and did some repairs to bring both the guidebook and map back online and both are now functioning.

Next time when you submit a bug report, please follow the correct formatting: https://minersglory.com/forum/topic/22-please-read-this-before-submitting-a-bug-report/

Thank you for the report!
4 days ago

Great suggestions!

The thread is not locked, it's just stickied. Stickied means it sits at the top of this sub-forum, next time please suggest there, or add this post to there so I can be more organized lol
28 days ago

I was not able to replicate this bug after further testing. It may have just been a bug with an old build of Spigot.

Bug report closed.
29 days ago