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Hey guys! This is just a thread where I'm going to be keeping track of changes being made to New Haven!

  • Added the Wizard's tower outside of town. A hidden treasure may await.
  • Standing inside the Brown Hare Tavern now replenishes food slowly over time.
  • Standing inside the hospital now regens health over time.
  • Various small decorative changes
  • Added a new building behind the Prison
  • Added many new cosmetic and functional changes to the Prison
  • Prison Fully Functional, this will now replace temporary bans
  • Added more stalls to the underground tunnel below the arena.
  • Updated old building to be new Leaderboard area, functionality to be added soon.

Planned Changes.

  • Will add functionality to many buildings around New Haven, including updating some empty buildings to be rentable spaces for shops or player homes.
  • Will add full functionality to the leaderboard area.
  • Will finish the cosmetic part of the hospital build.
  • Will add further cosmetic and functional updates to the prison.

If you have any ideas on changes you'd like to see, feel free to let us know in the thread below!

about 1 month ago

Hey Everyone! We're payed off until May! Just wanted to give a shout out to Hungry Builder for covering the remainder of the server costs for the month and a shout out to eveyone that upgraded their ranks :)

P.S. We're working on making a new system that benefits everybody when we reach our monthly funding goal :)

3 months ago

What service was this on (Minecraft server, website, Discord, or if other note)?
MC server
Exact steps taken to replicate the issue at hand?
Take any enchanted item and drop it
What world were you in when it happened (leave blank if bug is not on the Minecraft server)?
Is there any additional information that you'd like to add?
I've replicated this multiple times in both survival and creative, it does this every time

3 months ago

I need as many shulkerboxes as I can get, and I'm willing to buy in bulk, let me know if you're interested :)

3 months ago


Brown Mushrooms
apple/gold apple(?)

Cooked and aged
3 months ago