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If you know a death is unavoidable why not drop your gear in a chest and use back up iron tools and leather gear?  I mean if there was no fear of loss of xp or gear from death I would probably die a lot more out of recklessness. Also I have lost Fully enchanted diamond gear three times now.  So I know how hard it is to loose it all.
about 1 year ago

Good Call Zeth. Just went ahead, and updated it with a donation list. Also hope to put some basic foundations in place this weekend
about 1 year ago

This will be a group project. Donations, and time to help would be appreciated. 100% survival build too
about 1 year ago

Hey all,

So for the sake of getting to know everyone, and making this a social server instead of us all doing our own thing. I will be making a monorail station over the next few weeks/months so we can connect at a main hub, travel to everones hous/base/bunker (general area not the front door) With signs, Tunnels, signs to see, and adventure while ride the tracks, eat some cake, and see everyones amazing builds!

This will be a "if you would like to" be involved in thee tram system. I would love if everyone at least had the tram going to their Biome where they live, or have it drive by (far enough to not interfere with building expansion) 

Lets make this server more social, active, and continue to grow as the best community ever! 


-I live at 8272,71,1370 . I have a Savana, Desert  and Plains Biome all intersecting with my home castle. 

Once you decide you would like to be appart of this I will add a 16x16 Polished anderside border for where your tram station will be. Ther will also be a handfull of chests in this fram, as well as lighting.  if you do not wish to have the station there now will be the time that we move the foundation! Now as temporty means I will be putting a /home in the center of the station. This is not to betaken as a rude gesture but more of a quick way to Traverse between it and the rest of the stations until we get lines going. After your station connects to a main line or hub the /home will be removed. All further tansportation will be done vial rails. I also plan to make these as scenic as possible!

Donation Materials.
-redstone dust/blocks
-gold ore/bars/blocks

-Anything decorative you would like special at your stop. Feel free to also decorate it yourself.
about 1 year ago

Vapor The thing is if the eggs are there people would just go and but them versus asking a player. if a player catches a cow or pig or cat they can sell that animal themselves
about 1 year ago