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Things wrong with Sponsor Rank I have found:
Blacksmith and Food kit timers are linked. meaning I use one both go on cooldown.
No access to /nick

Cant join a job through the gui I am taken too from /panel
Lottery from /panel does not open
Same for player time, weather, all trails, and worlds.

Not trying to load you down, But you got some good stuff going and it is almost perfect wink
about 1 year ago

Heya, my name is Philip with one L.

I have been here on and off since the beginnings but am broke and know nothing. But if you guys ever need any basic computer help hit me up, full time job and a passion. And cars, if the IT industry fails me the goal is to be a mechanic at a speed shop. We are do-it-yourselfers here in this family. Hope to get to meet all of you and make strong connections and new friends. I have found that some of the most genuine people are on the internet. I am open to near about any conversation, movies, songs, tv, anime, cars, tech, tattoos, you name it I likely have some interest in it.

Goodluck, and GodSpeed.
about 1 year ago

When using the /back command in untrusted claim it says I do not have permission. Not sure if this can be patched or if it is because the server does not want me to return to the claim even though I am leaving it.
about 1 year ago

Menu that opens under /help opens but when selecting an option it does nothing.
about 1 year ago