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by Zethrus » over 2 years ago
Hey there, Miner's Glory!
It is time for a server update. Server updates are where we add new features, change features, add content and more!

Update 1.0.1 focuses on improving server ease of use, adds immersive features and more custom content! The full changelog of this update is as follows;
  • Highgate now has random loot chests all around the city.
  • Added random loot areas and dungeons around the Overworld wilderness.
  • The Travelling Wanderer has been moved to a new location.
  • Added a new server menu, access it with /panel
  • Added a new custom enchantments system, see  /ce
  • Added a lottery system that draws once every 24 hours, see /panel or /lottery gui
  • Added new donation system to the server for those who wish to support what we do. See this or /store.
  • Added health bars to entities.
  • Added a new Diseases system. See diseases.
  • Added a new questing system, see /quests
  • Added a new daily rewards system, see /rewards
  • Chat formatting has been made much neater.
  • Added a new upgradable "Explorer" rank. Buy from "relics" menu of the Travelling Wanderer.
  • Added a new banker NPC that converts in-game money to experience in the national bank within Highgate.
  • Customized the TAB list.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Various optimizations.

Thank you for choosing Miner's Glory!
If you have spotted any bugs with this release, be sure to report them over here.

- Zethrus
CEO / Lead Developer