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by Zethrus » about 1 year ago

Good day, Miner's Glory!

It has been a few weeks now since you've last heard an update from us in regards to support for 1.14 on our server. So today, we would like to tell you about the current situation and what we have planned for the future in regards to the update path.

I am proud to announce that we have been given the go ahead to begin the testing phase of all of our plugins against 1.14.2 server software.

As said above, there are still a few performance issues related to chunk loading/saving/generation.

However, that should be fixed in the coming week or so with updated software.

 With that being said, the server software that we use now has 1.14.2 builds available and we will be beginning the transition from 1.13.2 to 1.14.2 in the next few weeks.

Latest update: 1.14.2 server software still has critical bugs that cause lag, some of our core plugins are still incompatible with this Minecraft version. Thus, we are forced to stay on 1.13.2 for another couple of weeks.


Thank you for choosing Miner's Glory.

Happy mining!


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- Zethrus
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