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IGN: drowndjellyfish
by drowndjellyfish » about 1 year ago
You locked the crate suggestsions thread, so I dunno if you want this or not but here it is anyway :D To add some more variety to things without risking inflated items you could do glazed terracotta, potions, prisma marine shards, stained glass, bookshelves, Item frames, redstone lamps(or other componets), Pur Pur blocks, Red netherbrick, custom heads that look like neat stuff. 



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IGN: ZethrusTV
by Zethrus » about 1 year ago
Great suggestions!

The thread is not locked, it's just stickied. Stickied means it sits at the top of this sub-forum, next time please suggest there, or add this post to there so I can be more organized lol

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