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by Zethrus » about 1 year ago
Happy Holidays!

Today, we present to you the "Overstuffed Holiday Update" and we do not think that we could possibly have found a more suitable name for it. Now, let's get into the details...

With this server update, we finally get to bring back a few notible core server features that have been missing since Minecraft 1.12.2 due to incompatibility issues, introduce a few new core features and mechanics in our server as well as many smaller changes and bug fixes. See the full changelog below for more in depth detail.
We at Miner's Glory hope everyone has a very joyful and safe holiday season and we wish you all a happy new year!

Crates are a way to gain special server items, in-game money, various materials, abilities, world passes and many more possibilties!
What is currently the Holiday Crate is the monthly crate that changes usually on a seasonal basis, showcasing limited time items.

If you have a suggestion on how to make crates better, please check out the Crate Improvement Megathread.

Crate Keys
Crate keys at the time of this post can currently be obtained by voting for our server, from playtime rewards (/prewards), winning from slot machines, purchasing from the Travelling Wanderer, purchasing from the server store (we've got a 50% off sale running on all crate keys until December 24, 2018 at 11:59PM PST)

We are excited to announce that we have brought voting functionality back to the server. By voting for our server on server list websites, you can earn crate keys, in-game money and other prizes while helping support our server.

To get started with voting, simply join the server and type /votegui to open up the voting panel and view the menu options.

Voting will also be available over at https://minersglory.com/vote in the coming days with the full voting prize table.

This is a new addition to our server that has been requested many times in the past and we have only now got around to actually implementing it with a twist.

A single chest will spawn at your death location containing your inventory with randomized items from your inventory contained in the chest.
A double chest will spawn at your death location containing your full inventory if you have purchased VIP or higher ranking on our server store.
You also can purchase a sole single account upgrade that will allow you to save your full inventory upon death into a double chest over here for a small one-time fee.

When you respawn, all players will also now be given a compass pointing in the direction of where your last death point was to make finding it much easier.
We thought this would be a nice alternative to offering /back for our supporters and instead offered a fair mechanic for everyone to use free of charge with the option there to upgrade if you do want to get more out of it.

Players will now respawn at a cemetery closest to their death point, some cemeteries are hidden and must be discovered in order to respawn in that location and are scattered about around the realm. However, you will almost always be able to find a public cemetery to respawn at in a town closest to you.

With that being said, all players that currently run a town, or plan to start a town are recommended to build a small scale cemetary to function as a respawn point in their town/city.
Once completed, please send a private message to one of our administrators on the Miner's Glory website with coordinates of the cemetery, cemetery name, town name and they will be glad to get it functioning for you as a respawn point!

Horse System
We have added the ability to level horses in a similar way to the McMMO skills system. You may now summon, sell, name, and level your horses. See /h help for more info.

To claim a horse that you own currently, do /h claim.
Once a horse has been claimed, you may summon it for a small fee with /h summon or later sell it with /h sell to another player.

Party System
You now have the ability to form a party to play with your friends, chat with your friends in a private chat and more. See /party for more information.

Tree Mechanics

Trees will now show a realistic falling animation when cut down with an axe. Check it out!
Trees also now have a chance to drop golden apples, enchanted golden apples, apples, sticks, with chance effected by enchantments such as fortune.

Full changelog:
  • New core server system implemented.
  • Many optimizations.
  • Swapped server software for Paper instead of Spigot.
  • McMMO made fully compatible with 1.13.2.
  • Added McMMO horse system.
  • Users may now write physical cheques to other players with /cheque
  • Lottery draw time has increased from daily draws to weekly to increase the pot and odds.
  • All items listed in the global marketplace are now subject to a 5% sales tax (VIP rank and higher is charged 2.5% sales tax).
  • Global marketplace seller tax has been reduced to 1.22%.
  • Crates have returned.
  • Voting has returned.
  • A new graves feature has been added.
  • A new cemetery mechanic has been added.
  • Added McMMO Horse functionality.
  • Added a party system.
  • Added new tree mechanics and custom drops.
  • Player claims are now shown on the live map.
  • Player data is now purged after 120 days of inactivity.
  • Probably many other smaller things that I forgot to list...
As always, if you believe that you have spotted a bug with something on the server. Please report it as soon as you can over here.

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