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by Zethrus » over 2 years ago
All bug reports with the following formatted to avoid confusion and to make the lives of our hard working developers easier, please copy and paste the format from the box below and insert it into a new thread. Providing the required information as needed.
Bug reports must be written with a clear explanation of the actions and steps needed to reproduce the issue.

Copy/paste the thread format below:

What service was this on (Minecraft server, website, Discord, or if other note)?

Exact steps taken to replicate the issue at hand?

What world were you in when it happened (leave blank if bug is not on the Minecraft server)?

Is there any additional information that you'd like to add?

Your thread title will be updated with the following status tags based on progress:
[ACKNOWLEDGED] - Read by developer and added to todo list.
[IN PROGRESS] -  Actively being worked on and will be included with the next server update.
[ON HOLD] -  Awaiting a response from original poster or a third party.
[PATCHED] - Patched with the current server update.
[CLOSED] - Either denied as a false bug report, denied as a duplicate, or other means.


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