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by Zethrus » over 2 years ago
Greetings, Miner's Glory.

With 1.13 around the corner, that means our developers have been working hard to get everything prepared for when it is released.
However, this does not mean that the server will be updated immediately upon release. To get our server fully compatible with 1.13, it will take some time as plugins will need to be re-coded due to major changes to the command system and block ID system that Mojang has done with this update. 
I cannot be certain at this time, but I do think I will be able to allow 1.13 clients to connect to the 1.12.2 server when 1.13 is released with the help of a special plugin.

World Reset

The current Overworld will be reset for 1.13 as there are some major changes to the world generator. Our current Overworld was generated prior to 1.8 so, we are missing some of the content that the newer Minecraft version worlds have to offer. 
Don't be alarmed about losing your most precious belongings, we have a vault system in place so that you may transfer some of your items to the new 1.13 Overworld. More information on this vault system later in this post.
The nether and end will also be reset with this update.
The exploration and metropolis worlds will remain untouched.
Now, that being said; we will be releasing the old Overworld as a public download to you all to explore. laugh

In Depth Changes

What you will loose:

  • Your builds.

  • Items not placed in vault.

  • Minecraft experience.

What you will not loose:

  • Job experience/levels.

  • McMMO experience/levels.

  • Coins both in hand and in ATM.

  • Pets.

  • Items placed into your vault.


Vaults are a system that we have put in place to allow players to transfer their most precious items over to the new 1.13 world when the map is reset. 
ANY items that you place in your vault will be kept safe and sound. 

All regular members have 27 vault slots.
All donor ranks have 45 vault slots.

How do I access my vault?

First, visit the city of Highgate (located at /spawn). 

Find the bank.

Find the vault access chest located inside the bank.

Right click the access chest and place items that you wish to transfer in and leave them in until map reset.


enlightened If you have any questions about anything, reply to this thread and you will be answered. enlightened
Thank you for choosing Miner's Glory!

- Zethrus
CEO / Lead Developer