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by Zethrus » over 2 years ago
Hey there, Miner's Glory!
It is time for the long awaited, 1.0.3 server update. This update features some changes to crate contents, new server features, bug fixes and many more improvements! Below is the full changelog:

  • Quest menu has been re-done.
  • Building quests have been added with more being added soon.
  • Exploration world passport costs have been lowered by 25%.
  • Trails that form as you walk have been removed as it has caused quite a significant annoyance to players around the server.
  • Bandages/splints are now obtainable via the daily loot box.
  • 15 minutes online bonus reward has been changed from 10 -> 25 coins for all ranks.
  • 15 minutes online bonus reward has been changed from 20 -> 50 coins for donor ranks.
  • All crates have updated content (including money reward updates), preview the crate of your choice at /warp crates to see what's new!
  • Jobs now generate Minecraft xp.
  • Jobs now pay 30% more.
  • Farmer job no longer pays for wood, this has been moved to the lumberjack job.
New Features​
  • You may now start your own company on the server, hire employees, manage employee wage and more! See /company
  • XP Boosts for McMMO/XP can now be bought from the Travelling Wanderer.
  • Our donor store has been updated! Check it out.
  • Slots have been added to the Grand Villa Casino within Highgate with plans for roulette wink.
  • Bercy's Pets in Highgate has been re-stocked with all new pets. Including, a rotating limited edition series. Giant pets coming soon!
  • A new hostile mob that has a chance of dropping rare loot has been added in the wild, the Bandit. Be cautious!
  • Repair scrolls has been added to the server. As of now, these can be obtained via crates.
Bug Fixes
  • The Travelling Wanderer now sells crate keys for /warp crates.
  • All issues with the /wild command have been resolved.
  • Solved the issue with the lumberjack job not paying for dark oak.
  • Fixed issue where Minecraft /worldborder was set incorrectly.

Thank you for choosing Miner's Glory!
If you have spotted any bugs with this release, be sure to report them over here.

- Zethrus
CEO / Lead Developer