Here at Miner's Glory, we want dedicated, wholesome and passionate players who want to build a strong welcoming tight-knit community together. If that sounds like you, apply today!
Be sure to take your time and read over your application before submission.

Application Process

  1. Application is submitted by you
  2. Application is reviewed by the administration team
  3. The administration team then makes a final decision
  4. You receive a "Getting Started" email if your application was approved. (If you were denied, you will receive no further email)

--> We aim to make a decision within 24 hours from submission <--

Applications are typically judged based on the following:

  • Your Maturity (we have a soft age limit and judge based on application effort and maturity)
  • Your Effort
  • Your Schedule/Activity
  • Your Personality


By submitting your application, you agree to receive emails from Miner's Glory to inform you of any server related news, updates relating to your application and any other communication from our staff or administration team. 

If you wish to opt out, you can find a link at the bottom of each email when you receive one.

We would like to thank you for your patience while we process applications.
If you'd like to speak to our administration team directly, please visit the support forums.