Coin Pouch - Tier 2 Giveaway (10/10/2018 - 10/17/2018)
by: ZethrusTV 8 days ago
Greetings, Miner's Glory! 

We're currently running a giveaway for Tier 2 Coin Pouch, all you have to do to enter is join our Discord server then visit the #giveaways channel, react to the bot message with 

On 10/17/2018, one lucky player will receive a Tier 2 Coin Pouch which is a chest that when opened gives you 10,000 - 15,000 coins. 
This chest can either be left unopened for trade to other players or saved for opening at a later date, or opened immediately to be given a random amount of coins between 10,000 - 15,000.

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VIP+ Rank Giveaway (09/25/2018 - 10/09/2018) [COMPLETE]
by: ZethrusTV 22 days ago
Greetings, Miner's Glory! 

We're currently running a giveaway for a VIP+ rank for our Minecraft servers, all you have to do to enter is join our Discord server then visit the #giveaways channel, react to the bot message with  and wait until the draw on 10/09/2018.
#giveaways on Miner's Glory Discord

More info on the VIP+ rank prize:
  • Special color formatted [VIP+] chat tag
  • 20,000 coins added to your in-game coin balance upon purchase.
  • Set 15 homes with /sethome.
  • Exempt from being AFK kicked.
  • Set weather in /panel (client side).
  • Access to /hat to use any item in hand as a hat.
  • Access to /arrow to set custom trails on your arrows.
  • Access to /kit food once every 7 days (4x Bread, 3x Baked Potato, 6x Cooked Chicken, 3x Cooked Rabbit, 3x Cooked Fish, 11x Cookies, 1x Cake, 2x Pumpkin Pie)
  • Ability to use colored chat messages.
  • Ability to use formatted chat messages.
  • Ability to mute the server chat for yourself with /togglechat
  • Ability to set time of day in /panel (client side).
  • Get access to a workbench anywhere with the command /workbench
  • Earn 20% more experience in McMMO.

Join now --> <-- Join now

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The 1.13 "Aquatic" Update and You
by: ZethrusTV 4 months ago
Greetings, Miner's Glory.

With 1.13 around the corner, that means our developers have been working hard to get everything prepared for when it is released.
However, this does not mean that the server will be updated immediately upon release. To get our server fully compatible with 1.13, it will take some time as plugins will need to be re-coded due to major changes to the command system and block ID system that Mojang has done with this update. 
I cannot be certain at this time, but I do think I will be able to allow 1.13 clients to connect to the 1.12.2 server when 1.13 is released with the help of a special plugin.

World Reset

The current Overworld will be reset for 1.13 as there are some major changes to the world generator. Our current Overworld was generated prior to 1.8 so, we are missing some of the content that the newer Minecraft version worlds have to offer. 
Don't be alarmed about losing your most precious belongings, we have a vault system in place so that you may transfer some of your items to the new 1.13 Overworld. More information on this vault system later in this post.
The nether and end will also be reset with this update.
The exploration and metropolis worlds will remain untouched.
Now, that being said; we will be releasing the old Overworld as a public download to you all to explore. laugh

In Depth Changes

What you will loose:

  • Your builds.

  • Items not placed in vault.

  • Minecraft experience.

What you will not loose:

  • Job experience/levels.

  • McMMO experience/levels.

  • Coins both in hand and in ATM.

  • Pets.

  • Items placed into your vault.


Vaults are a system that we have put in place to allow players to transfer their most precious items over to the new 1.13 world when the map is reset. 
ANY items that you place in your vault will be kept safe and sound. 

All regular members have 27 vault slots.
All donor ranks have 45 vault slots.

How do I access my vault?

First, visit the city of Highgate (located at /spawn). 

Find the bank.

Find the vault access chest located inside the bank.

Right click the access chest and place items that you wish to transfer in and leave them in until map reset.


enlightened If you have any questions about anything, reply to this thread and you will be answered. enlightened
Thank you for choosing Miner's Glory!

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Update 1.0.3: New crates, pets, and features!
by: ZethrusTV 5 months ago
Hey there, Miner's Glory!
It is time for the long awaited, 1.0.3 server update. This update features some changes to crate contents, new server features, bug fixes and many more improvements! Below is the full changelog:

  • Quest menu has been re-done.
  • Building quests have been added with more being added soon.
  • Exploration world passport costs have been lowered by 25%.
  • Trails that form as you walk have been removed as it has caused quite a significant annoyance to players around the server.
  • Bandages/splints are now obtainable via the daily loot box.
  • 15 minutes online bonus reward has been changed from 10 -> 25 coins for all ranks.
  • 15 minutes online bonus reward has been changed from 20 -> 50 coins for donor ranks.
  • All crates have updated content (including money reward updates), preview the crate of your choice at /warp crates to see what's new!
  • Jobs now generate Minecraft xp.
  • Jobs now pay 30% more.
  • Farmer job no longer pays for wood, this has been moved to the lumberjack job.
New Features​
  • You may now start your own company on the server, hire employees, manage employee wage and more! See /company
  • XP Boosts for McMMO/XP can now be bought from the Travelling Wanderer.
  • Our donor store has been updated! Check it out.
  • Slots have been added to the Grand Villa Casino within Highgate with plans for roulette wink.
  • Bercy's Pets in Highgate has been re-stocked with all new pets. Including, a rotating limited edition series. Giant pets coming soon!
  • A new hostile mob that has a chance of dropping rare loot has been added in the wild, the Bandit. Be cautious!
  • Repair scrolls has been added to the server. As of now, these can be obtained via crates.
Bug Fixes
  • The Travelling Wanderer now sells crate keys for /warp crates.
  • All issues with the /wild command have been resolved.
  • Solved the issue with the lumberjack job not paying for dark oak.
  • Fixed issue where Minecraft /worldborder was set incorrectly.

Thank you for choosing Miner's Glory!
If you have spotted any bugs with this release, be sure to report them over here.

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Update 1.0.2: New jobs, crate keys and more!
by: ZethrusTV 6 months ago
Hey there, Miner's Glory!
It is time for another server update. This is a small update containing a few bug fixes as well as some new additions.

Here is the full change log this update;
  • The Travelling Wanderer now sells crate keys for /warp crates.
  • A "lumberjack" job has been added to our jobs system. See /jobs browse
  • /market has been improved, listings are now posted to #minersglory discord chat and can be seen on our website at
  • Reported bugs to /wild have been resolved, everything should be smooth sailing!

Thank you for choosing Miner's Glory!
If you have spotted any bugs with this release, be sure to report them over here.

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